The retreat – Holistic Sleep Coach Institute

A Unique Community
A Unique Location

Why a 4 day in person training?

This certification programme is an experience. It is of course, a learning experience but it is also truly a life changing experience. 

Not only will it deepen your knowledge about holistic health to a much higher level but it will also allow you to become part of a REAL and strong community and support network.

I have done certification programmes online as well as offline and I have to say that during the offline programmes I created friendships that have lasted years now and that I still know that I can rely on when in need.

I want that for you. I want you to be able to have a bestie who knows EXACTLY how you feel. Whether you may have a tricky client, need some advice or just feel the sporadic isolation of being an entrepreneur: We get it!

On top of that this timeline will help you to buckle down and learn in a much shorter time frame than you might be ever capable of if you stayed at home having to juggle course, family, friends, getting dressed . . .

This is THE opportunity to have an intensive yet enormously rewarding experience. One you will never forget and that will kickstart your business into high gear.

Being able to ask me questions in person is just so different than typing them into a Facebook group or asking them into a mic in front of a computer.

I believe in human connection. I know that listening to someone teach, watching them and interacting with them is a hundred times more powerful than just watching a slide show and hearing a voice or watching a video or reading a text book. 

And I want this programme to be the most unique and frankly best that has ever been created.

There is nothing like actually going shopping for ingredients (and learning about reading labels in the meantime) and cooking together. 

When I am telling you I will teach you about nutrition I don't just mean in theory. We will literally get our hands dirty and create a delicious meal with a personal chef who will wine and dine us throughout the retreat and we will create a healthy scrumptious meal ourselves as well!

And finally: I want you to have a great time!

Don't get me wrong the 4 days will be intense and your brain will be fried by the end of each day but that is when we will all wind down together, connect, become friends and supporters.

I want you to walk away with a solid support system in place and amazing memories of laughter, warmth and joy and accomplishment.

All of this in a beautiful, pristine location:  Quinta Da Paciencia, Sintra, Portugal, in November 2018.

We will be learning together in an amazing home exclusively for us in the middle of beauty, nature and quiet.

Details will be announced soon so you can make your travel arrangements. 


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