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A Great Income, Location Independent, Complete Flexibility

If there is one thing that I adore besides seeing how my clients' lives are changing for the better, it is running my business.

I love marketing, PR, tech and tools and gadgets. I am a geek like that and I am very good at it.

I have spent over $25.000 on business coaching and software and tools easily.

But I have also launched a #1 podcast and wrote an Amazon bestselling book and won an award for my entrepreneurship within a year.

I do corporate workshops as well as international company consulting. 

I have been featured in numerous international media outlets.

I created this complete website by myself within 2 days.

I know that what business coaches think works doesn't work at all in the wellness business sector.

I had to find out the hard and expensive way. You will get your shortcut right here!

I am NOT going to take your money, certify you and then leave you hanging and having to take a best guess as to what might work to get your business off the ground.

I will share everything I have learned in the last few years and by the end of the programme you will walk away with:

  • a solid branding idea, that makes you stand out from everybody else (yes, even your fellow students).
  • You will have a complete marketing system in place to generate new clients straight away
  • You will get an exclusive PR crash course with pitch templates that will help you get those media credibility markers the next day.
  • You will get a year long access pass to business training with monthly updates and tutorials, be that on how to create a website, how to do a podcast, how to self-publish, which tools to use: I have got you covered!

This is so much more than a couple of templates and the advice to "get a list" and book discovery calls. Don't forget, I am in the trenches with you every day. I know exactly what works for a sleep coach and what doesn't.

Typically all of this would set you back thousands and thousands of dollars. You will get it all included in the course because knowledge and expertise is not enough.

I want to set you apart from everyone else and make you as successful as possible. 

Because I want this to be the best programme in the world meaning that you will be one of the best sleep coaches for adults out there. And that includes running a successful business.

And that means ultimate freedom.

*​Programme limited to 10 students per session

Christine Hansen in the Media
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