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Want to know how you can get the best education and save $42.000?

The distilled wisdom of years of training and thousands of $$$ is right here.

*Programme limited to 10 students per training.

It's simple. If you are serious about becoming a sleep expert and coach for adults then there is nothing comparable out there.

How do I know? Because years ago I embarked on the same journey you are right now. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars ($49.545 to be exact) and have done pretty much every programme out there. Each and every one of them was great and brought me closer to my ultimate goal:

Being capable of booking clients confidently, knowing that I had the tools, knowledge and know-how to serve them and help them.

The more I learned the more I realised that everything in the body and mind is connected and so the more I needed to find out. Now that that I have found the different pieces that truly allow me to work holistically and efficiently with my clients I am proud to share my wisdom with a hand-picked group of students who are just as serious and passionated about helping people with sleep issues as I am.

What You Will Get During This Certification:

Learn to coach

This seems obvious but actually most courses out there only roughly scratch the surface on the topic of actually coaching another person. How much input do you give? How do you create space for your client? How do you actually get them result that stick long after you finish working with them?

At the end of this programme you will know  exactly how to coach in a caring and yet efficient way.

Functional Diagnostics

This is where we truly differ from anything else out there.

For 90% of my clients lifestyle changes are not enough. They have hormone imbalances, microbiome dysbioses, heavy metal issues, food sensitivities and so much more.

As a graduate you will know how to look for these  issues and how to run lab tests to actually work with facts and to do testing instead of guessing.


As a professional nutritional therapist I will go much further than just the general suggestions most other courses will give you. I will explain and show you exactly how nutrition works, why there is no meal plan solution and how you can tailor your clients bespoke nutrition suggestions instead

You will be provided with tons of professional nutrition resources available in no other sleep certification course in the world.

Sleep Science

This course wouldn't be complete without digging into sleep science and the most important foundations. You will get templates and tools to provide your clients with bedtime routines, sleep logs and you will be equipped to coach up their sleep hygiene. 

You will also be able to answer questions on sleep confidently  whether they are by your clients or the media seeking you out as their expert.

Lifestyle Management

Most of your clients will struggle to change the pace and pattern of their lives or to implement any changes at all.

This course will show you how to coach them, what changes make sense for THEM and how you can put together a successful strategy.

Stress management

Stress is not just the speed with which we crash through our lives but it is also emotions. It's about personal as well as professional blindspots.

At the end of this course you will be equipped with a toolbox full of techniques to help your clients handle stress so much better and to reach their true destination: peace.


As a certified essential oils coach I will share best practices with you so that you can help your clients in a safe and basic manner. I will also let you know where you can access a more in depth education on the topic should you wish to do so.

A teacher in the field

I am coaching on a daily basis. I am not just interviewing people like on an online summit or make a summary of articles of blog posts. I walk the talk every day!

What you are getting here is my experience and wisdom.

Be a Pioneer in the Sleep Coaching Industry

We are serving all of those who couldn't find help at their regular source, may it be their doctor, books, psychotherapist or any other source that definitely represented 1 piece of the puzzle but wasn't able to combine all the pieces necessary to provide the best result possible.

Christine Hansen

"Our priority is our client. Their story, their life, their body and their personality."

Be One of the Ten Chosen Ones To Qualify

This is not a mass programme where pretty much everyone can walk away with their certification. This is much more than that.

What You'll Get When You Sign Up Today:

  • Qualify for an early bird discount
  • Get private monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with Christine for a year
  • Get Christine's bestselling book
  • Get Christine's personal templates she uses with her clients to download and edit

*Programme limited to 10 students per training.

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